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We are Ann & Matt.  We were unable to conceive after years of trying.  No medical reasons were ever discovered, but IVF was recommended.  With the help of Dr. Shapiro at RBA IVF was successful for us!  We ended up with 6 genetically viable embryos, 4 boys and 2 girls.  In October of 2014, we transferred one boy and one girl, and that resulted in our wonderful daughter, Ava!  Pregnancy was very difficult for me.  I ended up with multiple complications, the worst of which was heart failure.  Additionally, during pregnancy, I also grew a very large fibroid.  Both the fibroid and my uterus had to be removed, thus leaving me infertile.  We transfered a boy and girl with an amazing surrogate and our twins Anna & Alex were born. We want to give the remaining 2 embryos a chance to become part of our family.  We would like to complete our family so will be doing a DET.

We adore Ava, Anna & Alex and love being parents.  It would be thrilling to be able to add to our family.  We are searching for the right person to take this journey with us, and help us grow our family.

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